Coffee Will Save Your Life

It’s true. A couple of weeks back we learned that 4+ cups of coffee a day lessens a heavy drinker’s chance on getting cirrhosis of the liver. Now, the NY Times reports, it turns out that the benefits don’t stop there. Indeed, coffee is a veritable medical miracle, lowering the risk of Type 2 diabetes and some heart diseases.

Apparently, coffee is very high in anitoxidants. Many times higher, in fact, than grape juice. I’d be interested in seeing how it stacks up compared to green tea, the holy grail of caffeinated healthfood drinks, or pomegranate juice, the suddenly trendy (and ridiculously expensive) drink that bills itself as some sort of antioxidant-packed wonderdrink.

It also turns out that there’s no evidence that coffee (and caffiene) is bad for you – except under very specific circumstances (such as you already have high blood pressure and are exercising at high alititude).

First alcohol, now coffee. I’m just waiting for someone to discover that bacon is good for you too.