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lunch at silenth

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lunch at silenth, originally uploaded by iain_brklyn.

On dinner reservations and web development

I was going to write up a nice long post referencing these two Diner’s Journal posts, where Frank Bruni (head restaurant critic at the New York Times) discusses the online reservations system for Momofuku Ko. The comments on the second post are well worth the read and point to the fascinating intersection of web development [...]

Pig butchering class, the aftermath

As expected, I attended the first pig butchering class at Brooklyn Kitchen. While more a demo than a class, it was great fun and very informative. Tom Mylan, the butcher who services Diner and its associated restaurants (Bonita, Marlow & Sons) is smart, funny, and obviously likes his meat. While I don’t think I could [...]

Balut, step by step

My friend Ryan forwarded me this email where a friend of his documents his experience eating Balut. It’s revolting.
i don’t know if you all have heard of balut, but it is possibly the nastiest food on earth. it consists of a partially formed duck fetus being boiled in it’s shell then consumed in the following [...]