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lettuce eats burger

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80s Estoninian Meat Commercial

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What is good tequila?

Excellent writeup on the wide world of tequila. Starts with the obvious (Cuervo is not good tequila) and then moves on to define the different tequila varieties. This reminds me…I haven’t had a good tequila in a while. I’ll have to remedy that…[via Daring Fireball]

Red Hook Ball Fields Interview

HappyConsumer has been silent too long. What better way to break that silence than with a link to an in-depth interview with Cesar Fuentes, Executive Director of the Red Hook Food Vendors Committee over at The Porkchop Express? It looks like all the vendors will be back soon (though it’s unclear when, exactly). They’ll be [...]

Bobolink cattle drive

These photos of the cows being moved at Bobolink bring back memories. I miss those cows. [via curdnerd]

Food sculpture

I think these fanciful food sculptures are real. [thanks, Nathan]

More pig butchering photos

A nice set of photos of another session of the pig butchering demo I attended a few weeks ago. I really meant to take nice picutres myself but, alas, I forgot my camera. [via kottke]

Advertising vs. Reality

A German site, Pundo3000, has done a very thorough (100 products) visual comparison of prepared food packaging photos vs. actual product photos. This American (or English language, at least) has stolen reposted most of the photos for easier consumption. Sure, we’ve all seen photos of how different a real Big Mac looks compared to its [...]

NYC Food Film Festival call for entries

The 2008 NYC Food Film Festival is looking for entries. Last year’s films sound interesting. I wonder if any of these are available from Netflix. I’m particularly interested in American Beer: A Bockumentary. I suppose I should really just buy a copy. [Thanks, Brock]
update: American Beer is indeed available on Netflix (albeit with a [...]

Rolling Stones Rice Crispies advert

Rolling Stones Rice Crispies advert from 1964