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Fancy butter roundup

A nice roundup of fancy butters over at Miss Ginsu: The Food Blog. The winner? A French brand called Elle & Vire.

New Yorker Reviews Egg

The New Yorker, in its typically weird way, reviews Williamsburg’s Egg – now open for dinner. While they like the chicken, they choose to complain about the cracks in the wall and the heating system and take snarky yet tame potshots at the wacky locals.

Cheyenne Diner closing

The iconic Cheyenne Diner is closing on Sunday after a 68 year run. I used to work around the corner and ate lunch there quite often. It makes me sad that old time New York places like this are disappearing one by one.a href=””>

Elation at Momofuku Ko

Elation at Momofuku Ko. Course-by-course writeup of a meal with nice photos. I don’t normally get all excited about new places, but I really want to eat here.

Pies ‘n’ Thighs continues to make progress

Pies ‘n’ Thighs continues to make progress. Should be open at their new location sometime this summer.

Elvis Costello’s new album named Momofuku

Elvis Costello’s new album named Momofuku. Odd, that.

How to Cook Medieval – Foods To Never Use

How to Cook Medieval – Foods To Never Use. A list of foods that one should never use if one wishes to cook authentic medieval fare. “Please be aware that turkey, the large drumstick of which is ubiquitous at the modern Renaissance Faire, is included here, as well as potatoes. Neither of these foods, so [...]

Nose to Tail Learning

Nose to Tail Learning. I’m going to be taking this Not Safe For Vegetarians Pig Butchery mini-class at Brooklyn Kitchen – and am really looking forward to it. [tx, Kari]

Latin Food Vendors to Stay at Brooklyn Soccer Field

Latin Food Vendors to Stay at Brooklyn Soccer Field. Good news for the red hook ball field vendors (and the people who love the food)…they’ll be invited back for another six years – at roughly the same cost as they’ve been paying. It’s not all rosy (some of them will need significant investments to appease [...]


koReservations. Momofuku Ko’s simple online reservation. I wonder if they’ll really honor the “first come, first served” promise. Part of me can’t believe that celebrities and other muckittymucks won’t get a better shot than nobodies.